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making voting accessible for all.



This project was started during the 2016 election season beginning in August. With the turmoil that had already been seen at that time, the question of 'how can we make voting easier, more accessible, and secure' was being set forth and warranting immediate attention. This project focuses on how down-ticket voting takes place in Marion county Indiana. Preliminary research consisted of meeting with the prior county clerk to find out more on how the running of voting in a county happens and the laws that dictate voting in Indiana. As a result the following is a recommendation of a possible solution to the current voting system, as well as a particular focus on accessing the voting location.

User profile

Michael is a 22 year old, full time college student and is voting for the second time. He is slightly dreading the whole experience due to how it was the first time: Long lines, intrusive atmosphere, general chaos, inexperience with the state ’s voting laws, and policies made a bad first impression. He hopes that the new system will function better for his purposes.

Goals of digital voting

End Goal: To cast a vote in the upcoming down-ticket elections.

Experience Goal: To as easily and enjoyably go through the process, necessary for casting a vote.

Life Goal: To confidently choose the candidates that will positively impact life in the community and feel satisfied he was part of the decision.

Find your voting location

With the iWatch the idea of mobilizing the individual became possible because it is wearable technology.