Office Communication Made Easy

Gone are the days of overflowing email inboxes with unnecessary messages about when meeting times are, or what the latest office gossip is. Prattle cuts out the confusion and gets the user the information they need in a timely and organized manner. 


Security is Priority

Every user that is registered with a company's Prattle account is required to sign in to begin using the application. This makes sure that communications are secure between 'team' companies and that the users departmental contacts are available for their use.  


Create Clear Messages

Creating a message in Prattle's interface is simple. Select a contact, add time, convey message, and send. Four steps and the user is done. The added benefits of time management to the messaging system enhances Prattle's overall capabilities.  


Timing is Key

When is the meeting? What is the intern's email? Quick questions like these can drown out the important communications. Prattle's self expiring message feature, messages that are meant to be seen will be while maintaining a clear, and organized inbox. 


Visualize the Work

Need to share those notes from a meeting? Prattle has it covered. The user has two options of a landscape filter for normal everyday photographs, and a document filter for photographing documents.

Prattle's UI/UX.

Prattle's UI/UX.