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A process in visualizing the Rev Cycle.


Hey Y'all!

I'm a Visual Communication Designer and Artist from the Indianapolis, Indiana area. I completed my BFA in Visual Communication Design from Indiana University's Herron School of Art and Design (IUPUI, go Jags!) in May 2017. I began my artistic career in 2010, at Ball State University with a focus on digital media and drawing.

With my eye on Ux/UI design, and a degree to back me up, I've begun a new and exciting, creative journey in Louisville, Kentucky with my partner Drew, our dog Ray (pictured) and two cats Kopa and Lola.

Please feel free to reach out* with questions, comments, project ideas, request for work, or general creative curiosity about my designs and artwork!

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Smarter Data. Healthier Cattle. Better Business.


Ruggie = Morgan

Family lore has it, that since I was a "winter baby" that my mom crocheted a thick, and heavy afghan blanket that would keep me warm as well as be something to lay me on, like a play blanket. This blanket as described to me by my late grandma, that we loving called Mam, was "...Awful,... mauve, tan, blue, and oh so heavy...it followed you everywhere." 

My dad said that he often heard Mam say 'get that baby off the rug', referencing the blanket. In turn he came up with 'Ruggo Baby' as a first iteration of the nickname, it would soon turn into Ruggie, and it would stick like one of my many freckles. 

Reflecting on this, I remember asking my Mom what she thought of the whole sordid tale, her simple reply... "I just wanted you warm, so I made a blanket that would do the job".

So why tie it to my work? Well, a couple reasons. It started in art school at Ball State by signing my art with Ruggie because no one had the name, but I did, and I had history with it. When the time came in design school to brand myself, I was thinking towards the future and all the possibilities of change (i.e. name change, business ownership, possible legal issues, etc.) It was all complicated real issues that needed a sensible, simple answer. Alas, Ruggie to the rescue!  

It's an iconic title bestowed to me by my family, that allows me to be me.

Thanks fam!

XO's // Ruggie



Office communication, made simple!


Latest, from my sketchbook.

“Design is a solution to a problem; art is a question to a problem.”

-John Maeda


“Why not have both?”

- Morgan Roederer / Ruggie

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